When Tragedy Inspires

Nothing in life prepares you for a moment like losing a loved one.  Although we all know part of living is dying, we have a predetermined time of what an acceptable length of a life should be and a parent should never have to bury their child.  But Jenna’s life, although cut short, was a full life.  She had the amazing ability to light up a room with her smile and she could lift your spirits with her laugh.  As we work through the pain of losing a daughter, a family member, a teammate and a friend, we must remember to keep her near and dear to our hearts.  She truly cared about every person in her life and even in her passing she has united us.  The outpouring of love and support that has been thrust upon us is beyond our comprehension.  Through our loss of Jenna we have reaffirmed the most important lesson of all.  We have learned that the connection and love we share with one another is the most important gift in all of life.  It carries us through the good times and fills our souls in the hardest times.  Together the empowerment derived by our connections is limitless.  In the depths of our loss we realize that we all have different challenges but there lies the need to unite and inspire one another.  It’s through our belief that we’re stronger together than we are apart that the inspiration of our non-profit has been created.   Through our desire to keep Jenna’s spirit alive we are working to establish a non-profit focused on strength, hope and inspiration. 


About #hersmile

Through our desire to keep Jenna’s spirit alive our non-profit is focused on strength, hope and inspiration. Together we make a difference.
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